Grab Your band t-shirt and join the BADASS new Fitness Class

RockFit is the all new bad-ass workout set to a Rock and Metal soundtrack! The combination of Rock music, dance fitness and some serious body sculpting moves makes this one epic workout!

Created by Hannah La Rouge, choreographer, dancer, fitness instructor and Rock music fanatic for Rock fans sick of classes that don't cater to their musical tastes! We're here for you and we're ready to Rock! Coming to a city near you, soon!!

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Raise your fists, turn up the volume and work out to awesome music!

Hannah Hawkey

RockFit is the alternative way to work out. A heart-pumping, fist-bumping combination of dance, cardio and toning set to an all Rock and Metal soundtrack featuring iconic tracks that compel you to move!

One of the best parts of my job is seeing the progress made by everyone in class. Each week people are balancing that bit longer, jumping that bit higher, pushing a little harder, recovering from injury or illness! It makes me incredibly proud.